The Silver Storm!
August 21, 2015

A supposed terrorist attack strikes the Yellow Brick Row shopping district during the afternoon rush. Current casualty estimates are ten dead, forty injured, and over a dozen still missing…

Who Are the Sentinels?
August 23, 2015

After the horrific attack on Yellow Brick Row, local news media captured the super-heroics of a group of costumed vigilantes working to stop the rampages of the so-called Stormers and to aid the rescue and clean-up efforts after the battle. Though they have yet to release a public statement about their identity or intentions, these sentinels of justice are on everyone’s minds here in Emerald City…

Dino-Wizard to Debut on ‘Good Morning, Emerald City’
August 26, 2015

After days of scattered sound bites, brief interviews, and public fanfare, the reptilian magus called Dino-Wizard will become the first member of Emerald City’s new superhero team to give a full interview. Tomorrow morning, the saurian sorcerer supreme is scheduled to appear on local talk show ‘Good Morning, Emerald City’ to give the public their first full look at the team everyone is dying to know more about. Rumors persist that team members Princess Shar and Patrick Anderson are in talks to act as corporate spokespersons…

AEGIS Seemingly Stumped
August 28, 2015

A week since the Silver Storm devastated Emerald City’s Yellow Brick Row shopping district, and federal super-security agency AEGIS still seems unable to offer any solid information about the attack. With the death toll standing at 12, and 15 people still missing after the blast, local authorities are blaming the federal agency’s “mishandling” of the situation on their inability to offer any further news…

Hail to the Knights!
August 30, 2015

Our heroes have gone official! Calling themselves the Emerald City Knights, the saviors of the Silver Storm are apparently taking up residence in Emerald Tower downtown…

Strange Lights in Malory Bay
September 10, 2015

Last night’s “fireworks” in Malory Bay are being called a particularly vivid display of St. Elmo’s fire by government officials, who assure the public that there is no cause for alarm. Early reports of dead fish in the bay have been discredited as the work of overactive imaginations on the part of several inexperienced fishermen. Marty Blake, a 30-year veteran of Emerald City’s fishing industry, said, “Weren’t no more dead fish out this morning than you’d expect in Mallory Bay. Anything else is just fearmongering.”…

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