Emerald City Knights

Session 1

The Silver Storm

Our heroes are enjoying a pleasant day out at the Yellow Brick Row shopping district when a white panel truck explodes, killing and maiming dozens of innocent bystanders. The heroes pull themselves together in time to see a vast silver-white cloud emerge from the truck, attacking survivors and changing them into horrific freaks.

Captain Relativity and Princess Shar recognize the cloud as a swarm of nanites, microscopic machines, and begin taking the fight to the storm directly. “Spider” Anderson and Dino-Wizard dedicate themselves to protecting civilians from the swarm, while Whett Knife and Zipline try to evacuate survivors from the area. By the time the Silver Storm has run its course, the heroes have noticed one another’s efforts, which is useful when those affected by the Storm recover from their mutation and begin rampaging through the district.

Spider chokes out the Mongoose, while Whett Knife uses his powers over sound to bring down Lightshow. Princess Shar engages Octaman in single combat, and a magical duel between Dino-Wizard and Lord Etheric ends with the latter transformed into a trilobite. Zipline and Captain Relativity have serious problems with Death Magnetic, but they manage to slow her rampage to a crawl while the other battles come to a conclusion. Only by working together as a team do they manage to bring down the Madwoman of Magnetism.

In the aftermath, Princess Shar notices a black limousine trolling through the disaster zone, and Spider establishes a rapport with Agent Bonham of AEGIS. The heroes resolve to remain together as a team, working to solve the mystery of the Silver Storm and protect Emerald City from its many new threats.


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