Veronica Steeley

A tough salvage expert


Veronica Steeley is tall and athletic, her build and short hair a legacy of her time in the United States navy. Her eyes are steel-grey and her hair dark as an oil spill. Veronica prefers tank tops, cutoff shirts, and anything else that lets her move freely; she typically wears dockers tucked into combat boots.


Veronica’s father, Gil Steeley, was the founder of Steeley Salvage, an independent salvage company working out of Emerald City. While Veronica and Gil argued all the time growing up, they truly loved one another, unlike Veronica’s stepbrother Brad, who adored Gil and Veronica but was barely tolerated by them due to his selfish, careless ways.

Veronica left the navy and came home when she heard that their family business was on the verge of folding. She helped Gil perfect the design for a one-man diving suit before her stepbrother betrayed them, stole the suit, and accidentally caused Gil’s death. Now, Steeley Salvage is still in dire straits, and Veronica is highly motivated to make Brad pay for what he’s done to their family.

After an encounter with the Emerald City Knights, Victoria has a new goal: not revenge, but justice. Her own path has become one dedicated to protecting the people of Emerald City, especially from her stepbrother and his allies.

Veronica Steeley

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