The Hatter

"They called me mad! Mad! But I'll show them all!"


The Hatter dresses like an eccentric 19th-century milliner, including the enormous top hat with the size card sticking out of it. Under the costume, he looks like a stereotypical mad scientist, with white hair sticking out crazily in all directions, a wide and toothy grin, and eyes that seem to be focusing separately from one another.


Reginald Tybalt used to be a brilliant—if somewhat unhinged—quantum physicist, until one too many “safety protocol” committees finally broke him. Reginald finally went around his peers to perform his quantum teleportation experiments, bringing the Red Queen through from who-knows-where and driving himself completely starkers in the process. Now, as the Hatter (don’t call him “mad”), Reginald keeps a quantum conductor ring inside his hat, enabling him to pull out nearly anything he needs—though rarely exactly what he wants.

The Hatter

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