Red Queen

"Off with their heads!"


The Red Queen is an android with a feminine cast to her silver features. She wears an outfit of red leather that would be fairly indecent on an organic humanoid, but which serves primarily to reinforce her basic inhumanity. Her glowing red eyes seem menacing to onlookers, and her hollow mechanical voice holds little emotion.


An advanced construct from the distant past, the Red Queen was once a navigational system for a powerful race called the Builders. Some disaster destroyed their civilization, however, and sent the Red Queen and her sisters into eons-long slumber. The Red Queen was reactivated by a dimensional shift that pulled her to Earth, where she was repaired by the Hatter, and eventually fell under the thrall of the White Rabbit.

Red Queen’s temporal circuitry allows her to influence the local flow of time, but her dimension-bridging matrix is damaged and her self-repair systems are non-functional. Even without her full capabilities, Red Queen is easily the most powerful member of the Looking Glass Gang, though also the most vulnerable in many ways.

Red Queen

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