Welcome to the City of Destiny!

Emerald City has many nicknames, but you might know it best as “home.” The world is a place of heroes and villains, but Emerald City has seemingly lacked both for most of its storied history. While Freedom City on the east coast is teeming with costumed characters, Emerald City has been bereft of them. The city simply hasn’t seemed to need heroes before.

That is changing.

A recent upswing in unexplained events, crime, and unusual happenings has drawn the attention of heroes looking for a new place to hang their cape. As well, new heroes are trickling into Emerald City—and local citizens are finding their own powers or heroic spirit. It remains to be seen if Emerald City will suffer a similar increase in villain population… or if the unexplained incidents of late are a sign that they’re already here.

Find your destiny! Become the hero Emerald City deserves!