Prehistory: The area around what is now Emerald City and the Atlas Mountains have been inhabited by the Tokiwa Indians since ancient times.

1743: A Russian expedition, led by Nicholas Branovsky, makes landfall to replenish supplies. Archaeological evidence suggests the Russian group remains in the area for a few weeks to a couple of months at most.

1809: The Stanley-Mallory party discovers the mouth of the Albian River.

1810: Before the explorers can return east, Charles Stanley is found dead amidst accounts of “strange lights.”

1818: Steven Mallory returns to the Albian River region and founds Fort Emerald.

1846: A long-standing border dispute between British Canada and the United States is resolved, with Fort Emerald being left on the US side of the border.

1853: Gold is discovered in the Atlas Mountains and diamonds are found in the Red River, starting a rush for prospectors.

1857: Fort Emerald is officially incorporated as Emerald City.

1864: A Confederate raiding party steals a haul of gemstones from the Red River Diamond Exchange. Though they make good their escape, neither they nor their loot are ever heard from again.

1850s-1880s: Large numbers of Asian immigrants make their way to Emerald City due to the area’s reputation for tolerance.

1882: The US bans immigrants from China.

1907: The US bans immigrants from Japan.

1938: L. Frank Baum’s classic Oz novels are made into a movie, The Wizard of Oz, popularizing “Emerald City” in American consciousness.

1942: President Roosevelt authorizes the relocation of Japanese-American citizens to internment camps.

June 1942: A Japanese submarine shells Fort Breckinridge, causing massive panic. The damage is largely contained due to the intervention of a group of costumed “mystery men” called the Victory Squadron.

1942-1944: The Japanese army includes Emerald City among the cities terrorized by coastal submarine attacks and incendiary balloon bombs.

1945: The Victory Squadron officially retires following VJ-Day (September 2, 1945).

1947: The first “UFO” is spotted near Emerald City in the Pacific Northwest.

1971: Starbase Coffee opens its first coffee shop in Emerald City. By 1987, it has become the most recognizable coffee chain in America; in 1996, the chain goes international and quickly becomes one of the most popular coffee shops in the world.

1984: The Moore Act is passed, outlawing costumed vigilante activity. Emerald City barely notices, as its last major costumed vigilantes retired in 1945.

1991: “Grunge music” becomes popularized as a genre due to Washington-based band Moksha. The tragic suicide of their lead singer, Krist Novoselic, three years later only cements the style’s popularity among the disaffected youth of America. His bandmate, Kurt Cobain, largely left music afterward and is active today as a Washington State committeeman and political activist.

1992: The game designers Sorcerers of the Summit release their new collectible card game, Mystical: The Conclave. Though denounced by parents’ groups as Satanic, the game rapidly becomes a worldwide hit, putting Emerald City on the map as a major hub of geek culture.

1993: Earth suffers invasion by the Terminus, an alien reality seeking to dominate this dimension. The brunt of the invasion is suffered by Freedom CIty on the East Coast.

1994: The Moore Act is repealed, largely to honor the sacrifice of many costumed heroes who perished during the Terminus Invasion.

1995: Billionaire industrialist Maximillian Mars reinvigorates Emerald City’s slumping economy by choosing the city as the location for his corporate headquarters. MarsTech attracts other high-tech businesses to the area, pushing Emerald City to the forefront of computer engineering.

1997: Sorcerers of the Summit buy out famous but destitute gaming company SEL (Strategic Emulation Logistics), makers of the original tabletop roleplaying game, Caverns & Creatures. Their subsequent remake of the game and its properties draw criticism from “old school” fans, but proves popular among younger audiences.

1999: Emerald City plays host to the World Trade Organization for its yearly summit, leading to clashes between protestors and police.

2002: USNet Stadium opens, becoming home to the Emerald City Bulldogs.

2005: The upscale shopping district on Royal Hill is repaved in gold-colored paving stones and officially renamed Yellow Brick Row.

2010: Amanda Talbot is elected mayor. She easily wins reelection in 2014.

2015: The present.

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