Tag: FOE


  • Gargantua

    Tommy Fitzgerald was just another guy with simple tastes and churlish means, until one fateful day when he failed at a critical half of his “lift and tote” job. Whatever was being smuggled in the container he dropped mutated Tommy, allowing him to become …

  • Cyberknight

    Cyberknight's identity is unknown, but her attitude suggests that she sees costumed villainy as just another profession. She doesn't seem to be ideologically motivated, and she's far more intelligent than most of the villains she works with.

  • Cannon

    Opportunities seemed few for Pete Stone after his dishonorable discharge from the US Army, and coupled with his lack of talents and scruples, pushed him into a life of petty crime. Eventually, his criminal contacts led him to the Consortium, a collection …

  • Tempus

    Abner Polignac was always... different. In some hard-to-define way, he was weird; off-putting. Perhaps it was his callous, calculating manner, or the simple fact he never tried to hide his misanthropy. When he reached the age of majority, yet another …