A villain in a huge mechanized diving suit


The Trawler armor is a 15-foot-tall diving suit of extraordinary power, toughness, and durability. It bristles with weapons and armor, as well as being able to withstand deep-sea pressures better than any submarine known to man. Out of the water, it can be slow and clumsy, but Trawler tends to surround “himself” with smaller, faster minions and allies to provide cover for “his” heavy artillery.

What few people know is that the person inside Trawler is not the same villain as it was a decade ago. Instead, the armor is now piloted by a woman named Lianna Macklin, who keeps the secret to avoid associating her costumed identity with her real one, despite both of them being criminals.

Out of the armor, Lianna is an attractive blonde woman with a crooked smile and a swimmer’s body. Her sea-green eyes glimmer with mischief and intelligence.


Lianna Macklin spent her life at sea—a capable and agile diver, deep-sea explorer, and treasure hunter. Unfortunately, Lianna wasn’t as good at managing her treasures as she was at finding them, and she kept going on more dangerous missions to find the “big score” she needed to achieve independence. On one such solo dive, she found the remnants of an aquatic super-villain’s lair, including his advanced diving suit and maps to various caches he had buried over the years. Lianna became an international party girl, using the vast riches she pulled from the depths to finance her high lifestyle.

Lianna had managed to keep her identity as Trawler a secret from all but her new partners in the Trident until recently, and she generally just lets people believe the villain is the same as the old Trawler.


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