The self-proclaimed master of time


Tempus wears an outfit suggestive of a fantasy wizard, all in purple and dark green, with the addition of a black domino mask to hide his eyes. He wears a fancy purple cape with a hood and carries no visible weapons.


Abner Polignac was always… different. In some hard-to-define way, he was weird; off-putting. Perhaps it was his callous, calculating manner, or the simple fact he never tried to hide his misanthropy. When he reached the age of majority, yet another isolating difference appeared, as Abner’s mutant powers emerged and trapped him in his “unstuck in time” state.

At that moment, Abner seemingly lost whatever residual use for the rest of humanity remained, and time itself became the overriding focus of his life. While his powers made him formidable in any era, it was his ability to travel through time that made the newly self-proclaimed Tempus, Master of Time truly fearsome. However, his first attempt at altering history to make himself fabulously wealthy was defeated by Dr. Tomorrow and the Time-Keepers. His next caper involved stealing advanced weaponry from the 26th century, but it also ended in failure when the Clockwatcher intervened.

Nearly broke and bested, Tempus sought out F.O.E. in an effort to improve his finances and criminal fortunes. In doing so, Tempus hopes to gather up enough power and resources to destroy his “persecutors” and truly become the Master of Time. Since that event, Polignac’s condition has become more pronounced, and his motivations more inscrutable and unpredictable to others.

Polignac is cold, cruel, and distant. Never the warmest soul to begin with, his obsession and firsthand observance of the ephemeral nature of others have ground any spark of humanity out of him. Polignac’s mutant mental abilities make him a time-controller and teleporter who can slow and even stop time with just the force of his will.


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