Stewart Bonham

An agent of AEGIS investigating Emerald City


Stewart Bonham is a handsome man in his early 30s with sandy-blonde hair, perpetual stubble, and an easy smile that sets people at ease. His normal attitude is more likely to push buttons, though, considering his devil-may-care ways. Bonham is a frequent point of contact for the media and for costumed vigilantes, and many say he’s likely to make branch director soon.


Stewart “Rock Star” Bonham is well known as the son of legendary AEGIS agent Luke “The Duke” Bonham, second only to Director Powers in deeds of daring-do. Raised since childhood to be the perfect AEGIS agent, Stewart joined the organization and found himself standing in his father’s very large shadow; however (as he once put it), “For AEGIS, shadows are a piece of cake.”

Bonham is young, impetuous, too good looking and athletic for his own good, and the call sign “Rock Star” doesn’t stray too far from his public persona. He loves the spotlight, and sometimes appears on A.M. Freedom to talk about security issues in Freedom City. He’s played on his image and even appeared onstage with prominent rock bands to perform on the guitar (although not always for self-aggrandizement; one time he leaped into a mosh pit to beat up a terrorist who planned to blow up the concert).

Bonham is currently liaising with the west coast branch in his run-up to become a branch director. The Silver Storm incident may well be the defining test of his career.

Stewart Bonham

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