A villain in a prototype power armor suit


Brad Steeley’s brown hair and watery brown eyes make him look something like a poor man’s Brad Pitt. He might be more handsome except for his sneering, superior expression, which turns into dumbfounded shock (with a side of pouting) when challenged. He’s also currently in the process of drinking his good looks away and is just starting to show the first signs of a beer gut.


Brad Steeley stole his stepfather’s experimental prototype diving suit after an argument that accidentally led to the older man’s death. Brad had arranged for funding the suit’s development with a military equipment company, something his stepfather objected to strongly when he found out. While Brad didn’t mean to kill his stepfather, whom he adored, he panicked and fled after the act, taking everything he could lay his hands on. Brad became the smuggler and high-seas pirate called Steelhead, eventually joining up with Trawler and Coral Snake to form the Trident.

Brad is a prideful, easily wounded man-child incapable of taking responsibility for his actions. He sees being a criminal as an easy ride to respect (or at least fear) and wealth, which he believes is his due. His sophisticated suit of power armor is designed for aquatic operations, but it has some multi-environment capabilities as well. His turbines allow him to move through water or air at speed, and the suit is heavily armored, strengthened by a force field.

While Brad is a decent engineer, he’s not half the inventor that his stepfather or stepsister are, and he has a hard time keeping the Steelhead armor in fighting shape. A lot of his loot goes toward making sure he has parts for the armor, but it constantly looks dinged up and scuffed.


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