A victim of the Silver Storm, changed into a horrific beast


As a human, Elaine Chao is a pretty half-Chinese girl with short black hair. As the Mongoose, she becomes a feral beast-woman covered in mottled fur, her hands twisted into claws and her mouth full of fangs.


Bright, funny, and hard-working Elaine Chao was teaching kung fu to help finance her tuition at ECU. She was on her way to Yellow Brick Row to enjoy a rare day off when the Silver Storm made her into a bloodthirsty beast. The Mongoose lives for a good fight, unconcerned with the odds of victory. While unwilling to avoid battles, she is quite cunning in how she wages them.

The Mongoose has all the deadly physical prowess of her cobra-slaying namesake, magnified to a superhuman degree. She retains all her martial arts skills in this form.


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