Maximillian Mars

The CEO of MarsTech and a somewhat suspicious individual


Maximillian Mars is a handsome man in his mid-50s, though he looks a good decade younger. His auburn hair is going grey at the temples, and he wears a neatly trimmed goatee that is similarly shot through with grey. He wears well-tailored suits from London in black and red, and generally presents the image of an extremely wealthy, powerful man without being arrogant or condescending.



Maximillian Mars is an Emerald City success story. Born and raised in suburban Emerald City, Mars was struck by tragedy when his parents died while he was in high school. Despite his loss, he persevered through college and graduated ECU at the top of his class in engineering and computer science. Some setbacks in the mid-80s forced Mars to leave Emerald City for several years to seek his fortune in the cutthroat world of international finance.

When he returned to Emerald City a decade later, he found his hometown ravaged by the economic losses of the last ten years and committed himself to improving the city he loved so much. He chose Emerald City as the headquarters of his international tech firm, MarsTech, and proceeded to grow the local economy by luring dozens of supporting businesses in to work with his company.

Today, Maximillian Mars is well known as a billionaire philanthropist who gave away half of his personal fortune to AIDS research and still regularly contributes millions of dollars a year to local schools, national charities, and city infrastructure.

Oh, and he apparently used to be a supervillain called the Commander. But he got a presidential pardon, so it’s all good now.

Maximillian Mars

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