Lord Etheric

A wannbe goth poseur gifted with phenomenal cosmic power


Chad Sherwin wears a lot of black, sneers almost constantly, and spends a lot of time looking down on the “normals” and “basic bitches” around him.


Chad was en route to Yellow Brick Row to write some dreadfully bad poetry and sneer at normal folk when he undeservedly got everything he’d whined for his entire life—command of evil forces. A wannabe goth, Chad hasn’t the interpersonal skills—or much of a clue, really—to even begin to pull it off. As a result, he’s perpetually whiny and pretentious.

While a stormer rather than a true magician, Chad can nonetheless tap into the mystic ether at will, and manipulate it for a variety of effects. While he was captured after the Silver Storm incident, his mystic powers allowed him to escape almost immediately. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

Lord Etheric

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