A former roadie imbued with psychedelic light powers


Angus Wilcoxon is a shabby-looking middle-aged man who normally dresses in ratty jeans and flannel shirts with the sleeves torn off. He has a ragged beard and long, greying hair.


With the Foghat 2014 World Tour concluding in Emerald City, Angus Wilcoxon was once again between jobs. Hoping to trade some heavy labor for much-needed cash, he was searching downtown for some “Help Wanted” signs at the time of the Silver Storm. When himself, Angus is an unlearned but mildly colorful soul. At worst he’s unambitious, and prone to saying “Hey man!” and “Dude!” a lot. During the Silver Storm, his powers were out of control, doing significant amounts of damage.

Angus can bend light into deadly laser beams, or to replicate images from his frequently chemically altered brain. As of the end of the Silver Storm, Angus is in the custody of AEGIS, though he still has his powers.


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