Johnny Rocket

World's fastest hero


Johnny Rocket has strawberry blonde hair, green eyes, and a mischievous smile. His costume is a blue and gold track suit, topped with mirror shades. He doesn’t bother with a mask since his identity is publicly known.


John Wade II is one of the few members of the Freedom League to not bother with a secret identity. His “Johnny Rocket” persona is taken from the costumed name used by his grandfather as a member of the old Liberty League. His powers activated when old enemies of his grandfather hunted the man down; the elder Wade took a bullet aimed at his grandson, and Johnny’s powers blazed to life as he rushed his grandfather to the hospital.

Johnny Rocket is also the only openly gay member of the Freedom League, something that caused public relations problems for the team when Johnny came out publicly a decade ago. His teammates stood by him through the difficulties, and Johnny is now happily married to his longtime partner.

Johnny Rocket is one of the world’s fastest speedsters, with a top sustained speed of over 10,000 miles per hour and a peak speed many times that. Unlike most speedsters, Johnny isn’t a hothead; he often acts as the voice of reason for his teammates, despite his tendency toward impulsiveness from his younger days.

Johnny Rocket

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