Jessica Prentiss

A perky college girl with a secret


Jessica is an 18-year-old freshman at Emerald City University. She has blonde hair and blue eyes, though most of her friends would describe her more as “cute” than “pretty.” Despite her good looks and perky attitude, she has a reputation as something of a geek and a nice girl. This is exemplified by the fact that she’s apparently not allowed to date in college.


Jessica is from Bellevue, a bedroom community about half an hour’s drive from Emerald City. Her parents still live there, though she’s living on-campus at Emerald City University. Jessica is an only child, and her parents are somewhat older than usual, which explains why they call her “princess” all the time. Beyond being highly intelligent and kind of a science nerd, Jessica is about as normal a girl as you can expect to find.

But she’s lying about something.

Jessica Prentiss

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