A gigantic brute working as super-powered muscle


Gargantua shaves his head and wears a white “wife-beater” style T-shirt with a crudely drawn target on the chest. His gray work pants are baggy and tucked into black boots. All in all, he looks something like a skinhead—though he’ll pound your face in if you suggest he’s one of those bigots.


Tommy Fitzgerald was just another guy with simple tastes and churlish means, until one fateful day when he failed at a critical half of his “lift and tote” job. Whatever was being smuggled in the container he dropped mutated Tommy, allowing him to become a giant at will. Mostly, though, it just made him into a giant jerk.

Gargantua is a simple guy; he likes beer, broads, having a good laugh, and long weekends. Anything that lets him enjoy more of those things is good with him. Even before he gained his powers he was a boorish bully who enjoyed getting his way, and now he’s even worse. He thinks he’s hilarious.

Gargantua has the ability to grow to nearly 60 feet tall with an accompanying increase in strength and resilience—though not the invulnerability one would expect from a huge combatant. He’s an uninventive fighter and prefers to bull his way through situations.


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