Doctor Metropolis

The god of cities, leading member of the Freedom League


Doctor Metropolis is an ashen-skinned man wearing an emerald-green cloak, kirtle, bracers, and greaves. He goes barefoot and barechested, though his outfit often includes a green torc and broad belt. His eyes glow gold-green when he uses his powers, but are blank white the rest of the time.


Freedom City was left devastated in the wake of the Terminus Invasion. While rescue workers pored through the rubble looking for survivors, a being rose up from the debris, seemingly made of concrete, metal and glass. He declared, “I am Metropolis.” When taken to city government officials, he refused to talk about his origins but did offer his help. He proved invaluable in restoring Freedom City to its former grandeur, thanks to his powers as some sort of “urban elemental,” giving him control over his city’s very form.

Doctor Metropolis is not human in any fashion, though he can be quite kind despite his seemingly emotionless demeanor. He is incredibly strong and tough, on top of his ability to control urban environments. When taken out of a city for a long period of time, he begins to weaken and loses many of his most powerful abilities.

Doctor Metropolis

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