Dino Wizard

A dinosaur sorcerer from a different time and dimension


Dino Wizard looks every bit like a human-sized raptor-type dinosaur—scales, feathers, and all. He typically wears an outfit that looks somewhat like a lab coat and a pair of goggles with crystal lenses and strange focusing devices.


Polycephales is a survivor of a catastrophe that may have completely destroyed his world. He used his magical powers to escape his timeline, an alternate past where dinosaurs evolved sentience and built a magnificent civilization, before it was wiped out. Now, the “Dino Wizard” finds himself in a world dominated by mammalian life and is struggling to integrate himself into the local population. This is made harder by the fact that his species never completely sublimated their predatory instincts and that humans tend to scream and run away when they see him.

Dino Wizard

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