Death Magnetic

The madwoman of magetism


Chelsea Lincoln is a pretty blonde girl with an easy smile and tired eyes. A natural genius as well as a beauty, Chelsea comes across as no-nonsense and seems to have no hobbies other than her strange love for old-school heavy metal and hard rock.

When her Death Magnetic personality asserts itself, Chelsea becomes a sex bomb, beautiful and unpredictable, with few inhibitions and little to no restraint. She revels in destruction and uses her magnetic powers to clothe herself in form-fitting metal armor.


Chelsea Lincoln was a good girl from a hard-working lower class family. Getting into a good university with a full scholarship was the proudest day of her life. She pounded the pavement while going to grad school to get a good job in Emerald City’s tech sector, but she passed up every chance for fun and romance along the way. Chelsea was on the road to success, but she was nursing a deep-seated bitterness in her heart.

The Silver Storm changed everything. Transformed by the powerful energies of the Storm, Chelsea could now feel the magnetic fields of the world in her mind—and control them. Unfortunately, the flux shattered her mind, creating a new, vicious personality made from all of the resentment Chelsea had been secretly harboring for years. This personality, Death Magnetic, went on a rampage across the city before being brought down by a group of heroes.

As Death Magnetic, Chelsea’s brain and nervous system have been enhanced, giving her increased strength and intelligence, as well as improving her natural good looks and making her as charismatic as any sociopath. She fears only the possibility of her old personality reasserting itself, which can happen when her own personality is suppressed or when her magnetic powers wane.

Death Magnetic

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