Coral Snake

An ophidian sorceress with a hunger for power


As Yvonne Orphis, Coral Snake is a pale, thin woman with black hair and dark eyes. She might be considered conventionally beautiful except for the dead, soulless stare she gives everyone she meets. Yvonne has a habit of scratching at her skin often, as though there were something beneath trying to get out.

When she transforms into Coral Snake, Yvonne gains almost a foot in height, her skin and hair melting away to reveal red and black scales. Her head becomes that of an enormous, fanged serpent, and she grows a long, whipping tail. Yvonne’s clothes do not change with her, so she tends to wear loose, almost baggy dresses to accommodate her shapechanging.


Yvonne Orphis’ mother was committed to an asylum before Yvonne was born. Raised by her wealthy grandparents, Yvonne had a cloud hanging over her from her childhood. As a teenager, she developed terrible eczema, ostracizing her further from society.

When she visited her mother in the asylum, the madwoman attacked her. During the attack, Yvonne found that her skin had torn away to reveal scales beneath. When her grandfather later berated her over visiting her mother, she bit him in a rage and the man turned to stone.

Yvonne has spent her entire inherited fortune learning the truth—that she is an heir to the ancient Serpent Empire of Lemuria. With her money running low, she reached out to infamous salvage operator Lianna Macklin to start the Trident, a pirate and smuggling group whose true goal is to find lost Lemuria. These days, Yvonne is a cold-blooded sociopath obsessed with her own ascension to messiah of the serpent folk.

As an ophidian, she is stronger, faster, and tougher than human, as well as capable of breathing water and inflicting horrific bites. Her venom can transform its victims into stone. Yvonne is also a talented sorceress, though her powers lean more toward ritual magic than battle casting.

Coral Snake

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