A bionic soldier with a powerful gun implant


Cannon wears a green button-up shirt with the sleeves torn off, ripped jeans, and a belt with a big silver buckle. All in all, it’s about as far from a costume as a villain can get. He leaves his face uncovered since he’s already wanted under his real name. His heavy bone structure is even heavier since being “upgraded” into a bionic soldier, and he keeps his dirty-blonde hair cut military short.


Opportunities seemed few for Pete Stone after his dishonorable discharge from the US Army, and coupled with his lack of talents and scruples, pushed him into a life of petty crime. Eventually, his criminal contacts led him to the Consortium, a collection of mad scientists pooling their genius to create a super-criminal empire. A thick wad of bills was enough to persuade Stone to volunteer to become a test subject, and after a series of agonizing experimental procedures later, emerged as a living weapon.

The egocentric Stone broke away from his mad-scientist masters, and found his way to Emerald City. Stone’s ruthlessness in pursuit of a buck would make him cause for others to be wary, but his own overconfidence usually trips him up sooner or later. He never fools anyone to the degree he believes he has, and he picks fights with everyone. It’s okay, though—not like he accepts the blame for his failures or anything. He is frustrated at his lack of success, and has a gruff attitude as a result.

Stone’s implanted bionic powers make him super-strong and resilient, able to warp space locally, teleport, and project concussive energy blasts.


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