The acrobatic archer, fourth hero of his name


Bowman wears a concealing dark-blue tabard over gold chainmail, topping it with a dark-blue mask that covers the top half of his face. Bowman is never without his cutting-edge polymer compound bow and a quiver full of high-tech trick arrows.


The current Bowman is the fourth hero to bear that name, though it’s unknown how he’s related (if at all) to any of the previous heroes of the line. The third Bowman retired in disgrace in the 1980s after a lapse into alcoholism, and his sidekick of the time, Arrow, chose to become the anti-hero Archer (leader of FORCE Ops) afterward. Most newspapers agree that this Bowman is too young to be Arsenal, but none are quite sure who he might be.

Regardless of his secret identity, the current Bowman is the physical equal of his predecessors, an incomparable archer and acrobat who fights evil with nothing but his own skill and a quiver full of trick arrows. Bowman is a somewhat hot-headed and smart-mouthed thrill-seeker, well known for being an incorrigible flirt.


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